5 Steps to a Refurbished Kitchen

You have decided to deck up the kitchen of your new flat, but you don’t know where to start. The scenario is quite common but the solution is really easy. Whether, you want to upgrade your kitchen or just want to accessorize it, or want to decorate it right from the scratch, a proper planning is all what you need. However, we have pondered long enough and now it’s time to make an exploration of the kitchen remodeling project.

Think about what you actually need

Think about the layout and features that would aptly fit the overall theme of your house. This helps you to decide what you will need to remodel your kitchen. Take ideas from various resources including online blogs, books, showrooms, magazines etc. The kitchen décor of Mr. Agarwal’s  3 BHK flat is Tangra is inspired by several online blogs.

Make a list of your priorities. For example, how many people will be working together in kitchen? Do you need any additional appliance? Knowing these can help you decide on something that suits your styles as well as budget.

Contact a professional

There’s no match to a professionally done kitchen. It’s true that professional assistance sometimes is too expensive to afford, yet opting for it gives a lasting result. Hiring a professional can help in building beautiful kitchen cabinets and doing your electrical and plumbing chores effectively. Professionals can help you in determining effective space usage, selecting fixtures and finishes, ordering products and setting up a renewed kitchen right from the scratch.

Scheme Your Design

A wonderful decoration is the result of a beautiful planning. So, in this phase, you need to sit with the designer to check out the sketches about space and floor planning, electrical drawings, lighting switch plans, layout of cabinetry and its height. In addition to that, you need to figure out the quantity of materials, which will be used remodel the entire area. It will also help you to calculate the upfront cost.

Invest in fixtures and finishes

Many of us look for photos and images online to find the best fixtures and appliances suitable for a home. Choose from contemporary, classic and traditional designs. You can add some personal touch to these later. Many people prefer white kitchens and for this a natural wood kitchen is the ideal choice. Apart from these, also make a final selection of your fixtures and finishes. Normally, a kitchen should include cabinet (decide whether you are looking for door style finish or a normal one), countertops, electrical appliances like refrigerators, sink and tap, decorative hardware and light fixtures.

Work on your plans

It’s the final stage and you are all set to work on your ideas. Once you are done with all the sketches and planning phase, ask the architect to sign the final paperwork. Do not forget to make estimation at this stage.

Perform a cross check once everything is done and if anything is missed out, bring it to the notice of the architect right away.

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