Creative Kitchen Renovation Ideas from leading Renovators

With kitchen forming the center of all activities, we tend to build elaborate plans around how the gourmet space should look like, where to place the lights, how the counter will be juxtaposed in reference to the kitchen island, and many other constructional details. While these plans can be well executed by expert contractors, it’s important to find out the right professionals.

A good contractor will not only build you a dream kitchen, but they will also help in drawing up a plan for the setup. But, there are people who tend to plan themselves even before handing out the responsibility to the professionals; we would prefer to share some of such real-life ideas to help you out.

Let’s take the example of Mrs. Chatterjee. Last year, when she moved into her 3 BHK flat near Science City, she skillfully drew up the entire plan for her kitchen, which was further enhanced with a professional touch. You can keep this guide in mind while negotiating with the contractor to make the process smoother.

1.       Quality never fails

She has always emphasized on the reputation of the contractor. Like you’d never go for a contractor with less than glowing recommendations, the quality of the materials that are used in your kitchen modeling is also important. They might cost you a few thousands more, but then spending a little more will assure you of longevity. You don’t want cabinets to start stripping off before your new flat turns a year, so try to get a wood veneer. They last for several years.

2.       Optimize on space

Ask your contractor to build ceiling high cabinets. These allow more storage space but will not look bulky. You will also be using up air space effectively, that would otherwise remain untapped.

3.       The countertop is important

Your contractor might try to get away with giving away average quality countertops but always insist on marble countertops. They look elegant and functional in many different ways. Other materials that you can check out include granite, limestone, slate, and even plastic laminate.

4.       Islands are important

While the countertop is important, the kitchen island also plays a key role in the modular kitchen. Emphasize on a leggy island so that you can have plenty of space in the kitchen to sit around it.

5.       Let there be light

Since the kitchen is an important place where the family gathers around for meals installing the proper lights is important. If you are entertaining most evenings, opt for mood lighting in the kitchen. Internal cabinet lights or lights installed in the bottom of the kitchen counter can create the perfect mood. Ask your contractor what options they can provide.

It is important to choose the right contractor for the jobs that you are about to entrust them with. Before choosing one, always ask for recommendations. Also, try to find out if they have changed sub-contractors and laborers after their last job since these small changes can affect the quality of a project.

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