Excellent Amenities at Amarana Residences that is Providing Great Scope to Unwind and Rejuvenate

In real estate, amenities that contribute to the pleasure and enjoyment of the residents often enhance the desirability and price of the property. Everyday stress has become the part and parcel of modern life which is taking a toll on the health and mind of the people. And thanks to the super busy schedule of people, travelling is not always possible to escape the monotony of life. The amenities in the residential complex should provide enough scope to rejuvenate and unwind that will not only ensure the quality of life but also bring a sense of belonging along with community identity. In recent times, the credibility of a developer, location and most importantly, the plenty of amenities on offer is needed to seal the deal.

Amarana Residences is situated in an enviable location from where EM Bypass is just 1.5km away. The contemporary residential housing complex is within very close proximity from the important landmarks of the city and that’s why it is perfect for those who are looking for 3 BHK flats near Science City or 2 BHK flat in Tangra. It is one of the smart apartments in Tangra, Kolkata with best-in-class, modern amenities where life becomes nothing but a saga of celebration every day.

Club Amarana:

Club Amarana comes with a world of benefits. From the fitness arena to a recreational hub, it has everything under one roof. Focus on your fitness regime at the double-height air-conditioned gymnasium or actively participate in various events and gatherings within your residence. This encourages better community living that further helps in building good social connections between the residents.

Swimming pool:

Swimming Pool is one of the most common amenities in most of the luxury residences. The swimming pool has the capacity to promote positive health and social gains for the residents. Who wouldn’t like to enjoy a refreshing dip in the swimming pool after a long hectic day? The swimming pool is also a fun place for kids in their summer vacation. At Amarana, there is an open-air swimming pool with a deck area which is perfect for relaxing and unwinding in the comfort of your own space.

Kid’s play area:

It is the age of nuclear families where both parents need to work to make ends meet. Small families with little kids prefer for amenities in their residential complexes like kids’ play area, toddler zones where the kids can play and spend time and be safe. Double height children’s playing area at Amarana is strategically designed in a way where they can play and have a good time under parents’ observation.

Community Hall:

For small parties and gatherings, you don’t have to worry about a venue. There is always space for your special celebrations. If you are hosting an event, Amarana takes care of the space with a double height community hall with storage, pantry and toilet. The aim is to bring people together and improve social connections.

Podium Garden:

Green spaces are absolutely necessary for residential complexes, especially that is situated at the heart of the city. Home buyers who are looking for 2/3 BHK flats around Park Circus, situated right in the heart of busy city life, prefer to have ample open spaces and greenery within the residential complex to enjoy the benefits of nature and lead a healthy lifestyle. Amarana here offers you the podium garden to enjoy your green neighbourhood where you can take a stroll anytime you like.

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