Go Creative in your Small Home with Effective Space Storage

The most challenging job, I have ever come across as an interior designer is decorating a home with small carpet area. Lack of space often poses a challenge whenever you bring your creative instincts into play. And for a passionate designer like me such a situation is out and out perplexing. So, this time, when Mr. Patel called me up to design his new 2 BHK residential apartment in Tangra, I decided to make the best use of the available space. In fact, I wanted to kill the storage dilemma by coming up with some innovative ideas.

Unlike the spacious apartments in the city, his new 2 BHK flat was small at least in terms of carpet area. I had to build up a proper plan to design the cozy space. But, while designing his home, I realized that less square footage didn’t necessarily make me cut short the artistic ideas, you just need to be super smart to know how to organize the available space. Well, a lot of my designer friends asked me to remove some of the old furniture, that he was already carrying but Mr. Patel had no intentions to do that, because most these vintage goods were precious possessions of their family. So, I had no other way, but to find some other ideas.

By the time, I became a space-savvy genius and mastered some phenomenal skills to make any space storage savvy. Today, I am going to share some of my storage secrets that are innovative and perfect for any home, irrespective of its size. In fact, these are all being used while designing Mr. Patel’s space.

Stylish storage ottomans– He already had two beautiful ottomans with enough of storage space. I don’t know how he could miss out their functional benefits. But, these two beautiful ottomans offered me a wonderful hideaway storage solution. I placed these crisp and stylish storage seats neatly under a coffee table in the living room.

Linen cabinet in bathroom– Small homes often lack space in living rooms and bedrooms, but there is always some unused space in the bathrooms. There was no dedicated storage for towels and hair dryers, so we had to purchase a “storage furniture” and placed it in the unused space of bathroom. It had both open and closed storage area, thus making the space looked a bit quirky but immensely beautiful. Having such an additional storage is a huge plus for a home which offers limited accommodation.

Wall Hung Storage: You can go stylish as well as functional with wall hung storage. Meticulous selection of storage options can maximize the visual impact of the space. In the kitchen, I had used a number of wall hung storage containers, but to add more grace, I used bright color schemes. My personal favorite is red, but for Mr. Patel’s kitchen, I used deep brown in order to complement it with the surrounding.

Keep in mind that the best way to ensure the functional use of your small home is to focus on increasing room for storage. If you can grasp these cool storage secrets, they will come in handy; no matter how small is the size of your home.

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