Safety Comes First: Four Facilities that are Must in a Residential Apartment

Most of the time, a home buying decision is influenced by the aesthetics and amenities offered by a property. The quotes are given depending on the size of magnificent kitchens, inviting bathrooms and cosy media rooms, but what goes almost unnoticed is the security of the apartment. However, as a responsible homeowner, safety and security of your home should be a prime concern. Here’s a look into the security features that a residential apartment must possess.

Card Access System

For a residential apartment, card access systems offer top-notch security. Unlike any traditional security measure, these access cards can store information of residents and visitors who enter and exit the building. All these features make card access systems worth installing. Card key software is exclusively programmed to restrict unlawful entrance to any place in the building premises. It is also helpful in authorizing as well as tracking the residents’ access in the building premises, which is certainly a great liability benefit. Many gated communities are using video surveillance systems in conjunction with card access system, to keep a close vigilance over the building premises. To reinforce the safety measures, access cards can also be integrated with photo-ID cards for employees on a large property. With programmable cards, it would be easier for monitoring employee time and attendance and the security patrols of the property.

Advanced Key Control System

Key control systems are pocket friendly deal, when it comes to install a security feature in your residential property. The best feature of the key control is that even if it is lost or damaged, the details can be deleted from the server without much hassle. As a result, it restricts the potential chance of theft or burglary, in case the key is being stolen. Key control systems are great for multi residential properties as they can safely store the codes of all the residents using it. At the same time they are password protected.

Security Gates

Security gates are the most common high-profile access control system of the recent times. These are mostly used in the gated communities as they offer highly sophisticated level of security. While being extremely flexible and customizable, security gates also provides a real-time insight into the surrounding areas of your residential property.

Security Locking

To strengthen the security feature of the entry doors and sliding windows, many developers are resorting to security locking systems. Many residential buildings are equipped with heavy-duty strike-plates with screws and doorjamb reinforcement plates. Moreover, the sliding windows nowadays are equipped with anti-slide and anti-lift features in the framing itself. Such kind of security locks can restrict any kind of forced entry inside your property.

With the growing numbers of theft and incidences of burglary, the safety of the homeowners is certainly at stake. In these circumstances, it’s crucial to install state-of the-art security features in the residential building. Nowadays, there’s an increased demand for security amenities especially in the upscale 2/3 BHK flats in Topsia and Park circus area. No doubt, modern homeowners have already started considering safety as an important feature of their property.

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