The Future of Living is here with Smart Apartments

We are living in an era when time is luxury. Technologies are evolving to save our time so that we can focus on things that need our attention on a priority basis. When smart home devices are making the noise, it’s time for our future living space to evolve too. Homes are not anymore a place to spend time with family. Welcome to the world of ‘Smart Homes’ that not only enable us to save time but also connect us to the world making our daily lives easier.

Amarana Residences is the contemporary housing at the heart of Tangra where smart apartments are carefully planned for living comfortably. But what exactly are Smart Apartments? Smart apartments are where internet connectivity will be a utility for all and not an amenity for some. These 2 & 3 BHK Residential Apartments off EM Bypass are intelligent and connected from the inside-out, and are defined by characteristics like smart devices and amenities, connectivity and community management.

Why Smart Apartments are the future?

Smart apartment technologies make buildings more efficient by proper energy management and people management. Smart home technology can be easily connected to a resident’s preferred mobile phone or voice controller upon move in and disconnected upon move out. Here are the reasons it is paving the way to the future:

Security and safety:

Safety is the primary concern for the residents. In Residential Apartments near Science City, home buyers are interested in options that allow them to protect both themselves and their property. Smart locks allow residents to remotely lock and unlock the door, monitor door status and activity history and also receive notifications about lock activity. With video monitoring, you can make sure your children, pets, or valuables are safe and sound. Smart door locks enable the easier transition between tenants and they are easy to install and set up. With a smart lock, all you need is reprogramming the code and it’s good to go.

Energy management:

Smart appliances are more energy efficient compared to analog appliances, and together they create even more efficiency through the entire building. Smart thermostats allow residents to remotely control comfort settings and save energy through automation. They also record internal and external temperatures, time the HVAC system has been running and some can even notify you if your air filter needs to be replaced.

Smart lighting:

Smart lights and outlets enable residents to enjoy convenience. By connecting to a smartphone, smart lights allow residents to turn on their lights remotely so they return to a bright, welcoming space. Smart lighting is also useful for security as the lights can be turned on via app to deter theft or robbery. The smart LED lighting look attractive as well as use 75% less energy than traditional incandescent lights. This calls for cheaper utility bills for residents too.

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