Why should you consider to live in a residential complex?

When you are looking for buying a home, it is often a daunting task whether you should opt for an individual home or residential complex. Home is generally the biggest investment that we make according to our requirements, various aspects of our living habits and budget. Gone are the days when people used to buy land and construct their homes there. As nuclear families began to increase, the demand for apartments increased. And the latest addition is residential complexes or gated communities which are characterized by a neighbourhood with many facilities and controlled access for residents and visitors.

Now, urban home buyers are considering to own flats in residential complexes in the prominent areas of the city. That’s why Amarana Residences in Tangra, Kolkata is offering 2/3 BHK flats and 3 BHK Residential Flats where residents will belong to a secured neighbourhood with all the facilities. Here are the perks of living in a residential complex and why is it a better option than living in a standalone flat:

Greater safety for residents:

Living in a complex or in an independent house, the primary concern for the homeowners is always the safety and security. And residential complex assures greater safety as they have all the security features in place. Most of the current day complexes offer superior security equipped with 24×7 CCTV monitoring, trained guards, adequate firefighting arrangements and a team of facility management. For small families with children where both the parents are working or families with aged members – the tight security arrangements offer better peace of mind. 2 & 3 BHK Residential Apartments off EM Bypass at Amarana Residence are providing all these facilities for a better living experience of its residents.

Better community living:

A large number of families living together often form a well-functioning community where people develop healthy, interactive relationships through ample opportunities to interact. People are bonded through various events, functions and festivals celebrated collectively. Neighbours are the first people we call for in case of an emergency situation. Separate playing area for kids, community hall for small celebrations, young adults in the gaming or recreational zones and seniors at the garden fulfil the need of belonging in a community of every age group.

Maintenance is way easier:

Maintaining the house is the biggest challenge for busy professionals. Plumbing issues, electrical issues or getting something fixed – with a monthly or yearly maintenance charge, these issues are resolved very easily at residential complexes. The normal maintenance and running of the properties within the complex are taken care of by the specific authoritative body freeing up the time of the individuals in the complex for more important things.

Financial benefits:

Most of the residential complexes come with an array of amenities like gymnasium, swimming pool, tennis court, kids’ zone, community hall etc. These spare the residents to spend money outside to avail these facilities. The maintenance charges are also quite low and spare the residents from the hassle of arranging a technician every time some issue pops up in the house without any additional charges. This, of course, reduces the financial burden from the homeowners.

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